Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photo Challenge

Last May, a friend, Erin, and I decided to embark on a journey to become better photographers, or at least know what all of the buttons on our camera do. I think we are making progress. While I don't take pictures everyday like I should I am learning more about my camera and under what conditions I use what settings. I play a lot with it -- but in that I also learn what I like and what I don't. We each took a month out of the year and made random, or seemingly random prompts for each month. November is pretty uninspiring... I can say that since I made that list. The snow a few weeks ago was beautiful, but now there is just brown and not enough sunlight to take pictures outside, or at least for very long and it is cold -- I don't do well in the cold and my camera probably doesn't either.

My favorite shot in June: Summer Landscape

July: Something that makes me sad
August: a loon. When I ask people how many shots it took me to get this they are too smart and say, "one." Well obviously, but there about 900 more that I deleted. Yet I can cross it off my list as accomplished.
September: Memory (taken at Cameron Park in Bemidji) I like the filter I applied later... it makes it dream like.
October: Leaf

The leaf one is probably one of my top photos so far... I will probably get this one printed out and hang it somewhere in the house. I should photoshop that Miney hair out though... thanks for stopping. I will post my favorite from November when I get far they are pretty uninspiring.


Dogert said...

If you want to get better at photography you should participate in Flickr! I wouldn't be half the photographer I am now without the inspiration and feedback from there.
These are nice!

New Kid on the Block said...

I LOVE THE GRAVEYARD ONE! I know that it makes you sad but I really, the Overshadowed photo and your honest expression is provoking. And that's really what I think photography is about!